"Bringing back the humanistic perspective of construction projects because Construction Management does not just number and schedule."


“Synergy construction management is committed to provide services with a humanistic vision, to be affordable and convenient for all, and with a reliable experience. The construction management services has a background of 24 years of experience in the construction industry, B.A. & M.S. in education, and many certificates in construction and education. The ultimate goal of SYNERGY Construction Management is to provide a deserved service to ALL.”


Affordable, humanistic, convenient, and independent construction management services for all.


Carlos Zavala began his career path 24 year ago when he started working for a construction company. At the time, he didn’t realize that this job would lead him to numerous opportunities that would bring him to this career path and start his own company. With a degree in Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from California State University East Bay and a Master of Science in Management in construction from Southern New Hampshire University; Carlos has prepared himself to carry out the mission and vision of his company.

Of the 24 years of experience in the construction industry, 14 years has been on residential construction and ten years in commercial construction. He’s also been a supervisor/foreman for six years and another six years of being a superintendent/construction manager/project manager. He spent five years as the owner of a carpentry shop and another five years as a middle school and high school teacher and a University professor.

In addition, Carlos has the following credentials:

• 30-Hour Construction Safety and Health, University of California, San Diego
• 10-Hour OSHA Hazard Recognition Training, University of California, San Diego
• PROCORE, management software
• Five different certifications related to teaching

These are the previous projects that Carlos has been a part of:

• Different types of projects for Google, Apple, and Samsung
• One Medical Group offices
• Kindred Retirement Homes, Bay Area, and Sacramento.
• Silicon Valley Eye Physicians, Sunnyvale.
• Residential projects in San Francisco, Atherton, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Tiburon, etc.


1.Project integration management.
1.1 Develop project charter.
1.2 Develop project management plan.
1.3 Direct and manage project work.
1.4 Manage project knowledge.
1.5 Monitor and control project work.
1.6 Perform integrated change control.
1.7 Close project or phase.

2.Project scope management.
2.1 Plan scope management.
2.2 Collect requirements.
2.3 Define scope.
2.4 Create WBS.
2.5 Validate scope.
2.6 Control scope.

3.Project schedule management.
3.1 Plan schedule management.
3.2 Define activities.
3.3 Sequence activities.
3.4 Estimate activity durations.
3.5 Develop schedule.
3.6 Control schedule.

4.Project cost management.
4.1 Plan cost management.
4.2 Estimate costs.
4.3 Determine budget.
4.4 Control costs.

5.Project quality management.
5.1 Plan quality management.
5.2 Manage quality.
5.3 Control quality.

6.Project resources management.
6.1 Plan resource management.
6.2 Estimate activity resources.
6.3 Acquire resources.
6.4 Develop team.
6.5 Manage team.
6.6 Control resources.

7.Project communications management.
7.1 Plan communications management.
7.2 Manage communications.
7.3 Monitor risks.

8.Project risk management.
8.1 Plan risk management.
8.2 Identify risks.
8.3 Perform qualitative risks analysis.
8.4 Perform quantitative risks analysis.
8.5 Plan risk responses.
8.6 Implement risk responses.
8.7 Monitor risks.

9.Project procurement management.
9.1 Plan procurement management.
9.2 Conduct procurements.
9.3 Control procurements.

10.Project stakeholder management.
10.1 Identify stakeholders.
10.2 Plan stakeholder engagement.
10.3 Manage stakeholder engagement.
10.4 Monitor stakeholder engagement.

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